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 SudREN honored the former CEO (Dr.Iman Abuelmaaly) and former CTO (Eng. Tariq Yassen) in the presence of Minister of Science and Communications and general director of NTC. In addition to, honoring submitted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Sudatel Company and universities (members) in May 2014.

The Sudanese Research and Education Network (SudREN) has a lot to celebrate this year. This is SudREN’s 10th year in operation and the NREN is welcoming the coming of Dr. Sami Salih as new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

From the humble beginnings of a library project of the Ministry of Higher Education in 2004, named Sudanese Universities Information Network (SUIN), today, SudREN is one of the fastest growing NRENs in UbuntuNet Alliance membership region.

“Over the past ten years SudREN has increased its membership from 30 public universities to now over 56 members including private institutions and research centers via optical fiber technology, increased Internet bandwidth from 6Mbps to 2 STM-1s, and number of full time staff from 3 to 13,” says Dr. Iman Abuel Maaly Abdelrahman, who is Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Khartoum; and Board Member of UbuntuNet Alliance. Until May this year, Dr Abdelrahman was CEO of SudREN.

With an impressively  huge number of women in the research and education networking arena, this is the side of SudREN and indeed Sudan that the global media may never show you. Dr. Abdelrahman says, “it reflects the good situation of women in Sudan.”

And indeed this fairly young NREN not only began with a woman engineer CEO but also a woman CTO.  With a 40% representation of girls studying engineering courses, Sudan has managed to enroll more girls into engineering courses than most African countries. Algazira University a few kilometers from Khartoum boasts  a whopping 70% girls enrollment into engineering courses.

This is the success story of SudREN and what better person to take on the task of building on this than Dr. Sami Salih? The Assistant Professor of Telecom Network Engineering at Sudan University of Science & Technology, Dr. Salih  has  vast experience and expertise, operational leadership, team building, and technical skills.

In addition to his academic experience, Dr Salih has 10 years of professional experience with the telecom regulatory authority in Sudan (NTC) and has participated in many regional and international activities including ITU, ICANN, AFRINIC to carry out national, regional, and international initiatives to bridge the ICT gap in Africa and the Middle East.  He is the Founder and President of the Sudanese IPv6 Taskforce (SDv6TF). The Authorized IPv6 Training Center is one of the successful collaboration with NAV6 Malaysia to build the capacity in deploying IPv6 in Sudan.

SudREN Former CEO honouring SudREN Former CTO hounoring
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