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SudREN Granted Membership to the research and education institutions and all other entities that have a relationship to scientific research and education, such as teaching hospitals, research centers, libraries. Subscription is provided when the institution committed to use the acceptable use policy, and committed to pay the annual membership fees and any ongoing cost for the services requested in the application form.

Submitting and Admission

The institution applies for membership via the Membership form and pays the required financial contribution.

The network connection is based on the following steps:

  1. The institution provides an official document signed by the manager of this institution.
  2. The institution fills the Membership form.
  3. SudREN sends a request for initial cost to a telecom companies to connect the institution.
  4. The telecom company sends the quotation of the initial cost.
  5. SudREN sends a request to National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) to support the public institution.
  6. NTC send the approval of support.
  7. SudREN follow up the connection implementation with the telecom company.
  8. SudREN do the final activation of the link.

Download Acceptable Use Policy

Download the Membership Form  word

Download the Membership Form  pdf

Termination of membership

  • 1. Membership of the institution is terminated, if not fulfilled its obligations to SudREN and the decision to terminate its membership will be by the Board of Directors.
  • 2. The Board of Directors sends a notice before the end of Membership.
  • 3. The notification of the end of membership sends at the end of the financial year, before the four weeks of implementation.
  • 4. Membership can be ended immediately in the case of the inability of the institution to continue.

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